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Mod [mod] Event: r/teenagers talent show!


Hiya, r/teenagers! I am happy to announce the 2nd official r/Teenagers talent show aka 2 Teens 2 Talent. The event will consist of three main sections.

The submission process:

For about a week we have a google form where you can submit a video of you performing some sort of talent. For verification purposes, please hold up a piece of paper with your username on it in the beginning of your video. Make sure your submission is appropriate, do not submit anything you would not be allowed to send here. Lastly, make sure to take precautions to not leak or “doxx” any of your personal information. I recommend reviewing your video once or twice to make sure.

The acceptance process:

After the google form is closed the event team will go through and pick the best submissions and contact the person who submitted it asking for them to confirm that it is okay for us to publicly show their video.

The talent show:

On September 30, 2023 1:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, we will have a discord stage in our discord server where we play the selected submissions, a few mods will be commentating and giving their opinions but the viewers will be able to vote on which ones they think are best and will move up in the competition. Anyone whose video is played in the talent show will get the Talented Teen 2023 role in our discord, the top 4 winners will get the Rising Star role and anyone who votes will get the Talent Judge 2023.

Link to our discord server

Link to submit

Good luck to all the contestants and we hope you all enjoy the show! -Love, Scarlett and the rest of the event team.

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Mod [mod] Self-post weekend is active - Introduce yourself and make friends!


Welcome to r/teenagers's self-post weekend. Self-post weekend is when we, the moderating team, disable link posts for the period of the weekend to encourage more discussion and less memes during our higher traffic period of the week.

In this thread we also encourage you, the community, to introduce yourselves. Post a parent comment reply, and let us know who you are, what your hobbies are like or maybe a weird quirky fact that could work as an icebreaker. In addition, we'd like to remind users not to include any personally identifying information.

Get to know one another more and Remember the Human behind that username! We encourage all users to comment and reply to each other's parent comment replies to meet the interesting members that comprises this community.

Looking for even more specific places to meet new friends and a sense of community? Visit our Discord server, where you can talk to each other in real time with a variety of topics that occur! Our Discord server is one of the top active servers you can join to participate, so never feel as if it's empty to join and discuss!


- r/teenagers moderating teams

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Social Blud just got straight to the point

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Discussion Name suggestions?

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Social i made it three and a half years without testing positive.


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Relationship How do I go from a originally "sexual" relationship to an actual relationship? NSFW


I'm a girl who recently turned 15 and the guy i'm talking to turns 15 in december if that helps

so this guy and I have only ever seen each other in person at a mutual friends' bar mitzva and we would swipe up on each others stories and compliment each other. this went from saying "smash" at each other ironically to him saying that i made him nut twice over snapchat dms. I had originally tried going out with him on a date before any sexting even happened but "his parents are super strict" which I know from mutual friends that they ARE super strict but he's backed out last minute all 3 times we were supposed to get together, and now that we've said all that stuff i'm scared to go out with him because i dont want him to only see me just cause he wants sex. I'm still a virgin and i still THINK i want to see him but i dont want to have sex on our first date and I dont want him to only want to see me just to get with me.

I want to have sex with him I think, I just don't know if I'm ready yet, and I'm scared if I say no after all of this he's going to just ditch me. I asked him out all 3 times so I feel like I'm the only one interested.

any help on this would mean so so much.

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Discussion Question for Guys.


Have you ever had a girlfriend or just a female friend talk to you about/mention her period? How did you react? I'm not here to judge any guys response but I'm genuinely curious bc I literally just mentioned to some guy friends that I was 2 days late and 2/3 of the guys freaked out and told me that was "disgusting" but one of the guys didn't even care. I'm confused😭

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Meme Who would win in a battle royale


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Meme dont vape kids


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Other Im sorry but this is too hilarious NSFW


Marked it nsfw cause I’m not sure but my friends cousin convinced her that her asthmama wouldn’t act up act up if she smoked from a bong but now I’m on my way to visit her in the hospital, Shes gonna be fine but how the hell do you fall for that.

Edit: cant reply to comments cause i got banned for a different comment i made wierd that i can still edit though

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Relationship Made pancakes for my gf

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So today I (15m) met up w my gf (14f) outside of our school for the first time and we went ice skating! Ik this is pointless but im so happy omg

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Art What u guys think

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U know who it's supposed to be?

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Social My friend says i had a obssesion with pichu

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Is this to much pichu?

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Meme only real teens know

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Discussion Give me a number from 1 to 42 and I'll tell you the song on my Playlist. Picture not related.

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Serious I (F15) don't know my s orientation. NSFW


So basically, I feel like I'm attracted to girls, but I don't really know if I really am.

I would kiss a girl or whatever but I don't know if I would spend the rest of my life with a woman. I see girl celebrities and I feel something similar to love, but it isn't.

Can someone please tell me what is it?

Edit: just wanted to clarify that I'm attracted to men too so I'm definitely not aromantic 😭

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Social my bf gave me this new child his name is "Ren"

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we both agreed he looks like Toothless from How to train your dragon

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Discussion Does anyone else ever wish they were the opposite gender?


Like, I know trans people want that, it's kinda in the definition, but what about other cis people? Like, I really wish I was a girl rn, and have to some degree for as long as I can remember. It's honestly to a such a degree that its hard to look in the mirror without feeling despair, so I'm just wondering if any other cis people have had a similar experience.

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Meme Buy computer parts

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I am bored

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Media One of my friends is at the dentist and they see this 😭

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Meme Parents be like

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Discussion Is it gay to shave your leg hair?


Edit: Mods pls unban me I promise I wont do it again

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Discussion Fuck zodiac signs, what’s your favourite Minecraft block?

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Social Pls Pm or I am Goanna Find You

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Discussion what would yous say is the best movie of all time?

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Meme This looks odd…

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