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I’m Awsten from the band Waterparks. We just announced our new studio album INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and dropped the music video for FUCK ABOUT IT directed by me and my friend Erik. AMA? Almost anything? AMA?

PROOF: https://i.redd.it/ponjz8zhm43a1.png

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ama I'm artist and producer EDEN, and this year I made what critics are calling "one of the albums of all time." AMA


Hey my name is Jonathon and I make music under the name EDEN. I just released my new album ICYMI this year and will be starting my third world tour in 2023. AMA

PROOF: https://twitter.com/iameden/status/1600165201432629249?s=20

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article Kanye West’s Massive Reddit Page Overtaken by Taylor Swift Appreciation, Holocaust Awareness Content as Fans Abandon Him

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article Celine Dion, 54, diagnosed with incurable neurological disease

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audio Iron & Wine - Boy With a Coin [Folk]

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discussion Death Cab for Cutie & The Postal Service announce co-headline 20th Anniversary Tour for Transatlanticism & Give Up, will play both albums

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music streaming Social Distortion - Under My Thumb [Punk] (1996)

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discussion Can someone explain the whole "punk" Blondie thing to me?


I'm not trying to infuriate anyone; I just really want to know how Blondie became revered as a classic or influential punk act. I tried listening to their earlier "punk" stuff like Denis or X Offender, but it does not strike me as punk. It sounds new wave at best, but more like pop rock of the time.

Even amongst other early punk bands that are HIGHLY new wave like the Pointed Sticks or the Go-Go's; Blondie just doesn't strike me as punk as those bands do. It's as if they're lacking that extra "Oomph!" of energy.

Also, take away the musical elements. What was their thing? What about their message was ever punk? To me, all their songs are simply love songs with no deeper meaning...

Just my opinion, don't go all psycho on me if I dissed your favorite band. I'm just a Gen-X punk that's curious about the history of this amazing genre of music and want to better understand Blondie's place in it.

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video The Roots - You Got Me (ft. Erykah Badu) [Hip hop]

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video The Band joined by the Staple Singers - The Weight [Classic]

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video Airwolf - Opening [instrumental Metal] (2022)

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discussion Anyone else love Mika?


I remember listening to his songs a lot for my happy fix in uni. He's just this bubbly, fresh artist that was just so "colourful" to me back then. I loved doodling in my classes and his "Lollipop" mv inspired me lots.

If you can suggest artists similar to him I'll appreciate it. Thank you so much!

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discussion What song's video actually improves the experience of the song?


Lots of songs are really good and have "just ok" videos. Lots of songs have amazingly well produced videos that are...amazingly produced videos (with a soundtrack).

But what are some examples of a music video that not only provides accompaniment for the song in question, but actually increases your enjoyment of the song?

(Hint: Anything "OK Go" is just cheating...)

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video ABBA VOYAGE - Still can't believe this is fan made. I mean, the person who made this trailer even made the music. Extremely underrated. Even if you don't like ABBA, you HAVE to agree that this is very well made.. I love fan made stuff. They have true passion. It deserves more than 150K views [Pop]

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discussion Rick Wakeman is currently on tour in the UK. His tour truck was broken into and gear was stolen.


Please keep eyes and ears open concerning dodgy sales offers in the UK or Europe. Here is a picture of his tweet this morning:


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music streaming "Godzilla" by Blue Oyster Cult goes hard as hell


Came up on my Spotify mix this morning on the drive in. Song fucks. That's all I got.

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custom Should you listen to music if the artist has done bad things?


Nowadays it’s not uncommon for artists who create very mainstream music, have done bad things, wished death upon, others, some killed others out of cold blood, etc.

But what would you do if you’d spent a long time being a fan of a band/person, and it turns out they did or said some pretty horrible things.

Would you stop supporting them even though you like a bunch of that band/persons music?

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discussion The Official "Music Was So Much Better in the Glorious Days of Yore" Thread


The Official, `Music Was So Much Better in the Glorious Days of Yore` Thread,

For the record, I'm not personally a subscriber to this particular school of thought. But since people are constantly starting threads to discuss this topic I figured we could do with a central location for them. If you want to discuss how musicians are less talented/original/classy/whatever than they were back in the good old days, this thread is the place to do it. And every time I see a new thread started on this topic I'm going to just go ahead and merge it with this one.

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video Tenacious D — Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover) [Rock]

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music streaming Descendents - Marriage [Punk] (1982)

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new release Mortimer Nyx - into the Blackened Frost [Alternative rock/Alternative metal/melodic metal] [2022]

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music streaming Experiment on TikTok NSFW

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discussion Dreams


Since 2020 I’ve been grinding trynna make my music relevant and now we almost in 2023. Do y’all think it’s time to call it quits??

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new release LONESTAR EP NSFW


Mannn I’m droppin dis lil EP💿 otw up 2 Top📲🛸 Y’all ain’t ready 4 waz Coming😈🥷

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other top 50 guitarists of all time


50: Dimebag Darrell (Pantera) 49: Dave Murray (Iron Maiden) 48: Ted Nugent 47: Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit) 46: Frank Zappa 45: Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) 44: East Bay Ray (Dead Kennedys) 43: Daron Malakian (SOAD) 42: Josh Homme (various) 41: Olavi Mikkonen (Amon Amarth) 40: Kurt Robertson (The Real Mckenzies) 39: Herman Li (Dragonforce) 38: Adam Gontier (Three Days Grace) 37: Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) 36: Kirk Hammett (Metallica) 35: Arthur Alexakis (Everclear) 34: Doug Fieger (The Knack) 33: Eddie Van Halen 32: Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein 31: David Bowie 30: Vernon Reid (Living Colour) 29: Scott Klopfenstein (Reel Big Fish) 28: Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society) 27: James Hetfield (Metallica) 26: Randy Rhoads 25: Zacky Vengeance (A. Sevenfold) 24: John Fogerty (CCR) 23: Jack White (The White Stripes) 22: Vic Fuentes (Pierce The Veil) 21: Chadwick Stokes (DISPATCH) 20: Trevor Peres (Obituary) 19: Tom Morello (RATM) 18: El Hefe (NOFX) 17: Mikey Heppner (Priestess) 16: Johnny Ramone 15: Rivers Cuomo (Weezer) 14: Slash (various) 13: Buckethead 12: Joe Satriani 11: Greg Graffin (Bad Religion) 10: Tom Kalnoky (Streetlight Manifesto) 9: Chris Dreja (The Yardbirds) 8: Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse) 7: Dr Know (Bad Brains) 6: Jimi Hendrix 5: Tim Sult (Clutch) 4: Steve Vai 3: Brian May (Queen) 2: Robert Fripp (King Crimson) 1: Lenny Lashley (Darkbuster)

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i made this flyin_human_B - Shiny People [Electronic, 8bit]

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i made this Hall by Sandman (my first song)

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