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Productivity LPT Request: I routinely have 2-4 hours of downtime at my in-office 9-5 job. What extracurriculars can I do for additional income while I'm there?


Context: I work in an office in a semi-private cubicle. People walking past is about the only time people can glance at what you're doing.

It's a fairly relaxed atmosphere, other coworkers who've been here for 15-20 years are doing all manner of things when they're not working on work: looking for new houses, listening to podcasts, etc. I can have headphones in and I have total access to my phone, on my wireless network, not WiFi, but that doesn't really matter honestly.

I want to make better use of my time besides twiddling my thumbs or looking at news articles.

What sorts of things can I do to earn a little supplemental income. I was honestly thinking of trying stock trading, but I know nothing about it so it would be a slow learning process.

It would have to be a drop-in-drop-out kind of activity, something you can put down at a moments notice in case I need to respond to customers/emails, my actual job comes first after all.

I'm not at all concerned with my current income, I make enough to live on comfortably with plenty extra to save and spend on fun, I just want to be more efficient with my time, you know?

PSA: don't bother with "talk to your boss about what other responsibilities you can take on with this extra time to impress them etc." Just don't bother.

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Productivity LPT Request-What magically improved your life that you wish you had started sooner?


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Productivity LPT Request: What are some unexpected hobbies or activities that have surprisingly positive mental health benefits?


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Productivity LPT Request: Tips on waking up early beyond “just do it” please?


I’m a very disciplined person in every area of my life besides sleep. I usually stay up til 12:30 because the people in my house do, and I guess it’s some weird FOMO of going to sleep before other people do. And then I wake up between 10-11am. I set my alarm for 8am and then i just keep snoozing it all the way til 10-11. I just feel so comfy and even when I tell myself “you gotta start acting like a normal adult and wake up early” I’m powerless when the morning comes! Im 25 and work at a PM only restaurant which is why I can sleep in late. But I don’t think it’s an attractive quality to sleep late and I love mornings when I actually manage to get up. And I want more time in my day before I go to work!

Any tips on how you started waking up early???

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Productivity LPT: Professional house cleaning is cheaper than you think and can relieve stress in your relationship


Depending on your lifestyle, twice a month may be enough to keep your living space clean enough. This can offload chore burden as well as the resentment burden in many relationships. A cleaning session can run between $80-$150 depending on the size of space. Completely worth it in the long term.

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Productivity LPT: Before buying something, ask yourself two questions – “Where will I store this thing?” and “How difficult will it be to clean this thing?”


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Productivity LPT Request: What is your favorite life hack that has saved you money, time, or made your day-to-day activities easier?


It doesn’t matter how small, simple, complicated, or easy it is. Let me in on your god-tier tips!

Edit: This is literally the first time i’ve posted a question since joining Reddit a year ago and i’m very grateful to everyone who upvoted and commented (and to those who are still commenting!) on this thread.

This was a big help not only for me but also for those who want to improve their lives in any way they can so thanks again everyone! Can’t wait to try as much of them out!

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Productivity LPT Request: What is an unspoken rule in the workplace that everyone should know?


I don't think this is talked about often (for obvious reasons) but it really should

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Productivity LPT Request: What is the fastest way to fall asleep at night?


It's really important for me to get as much sleep as possible but i sometimes spend hours trying to make myself even tired at night. any ideas would be very welcome

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Productivity LPT: Getting the job done badly is usually better than not doing it at all


Brushing your teeth for 10 seconds is better than not brushing. Exercising for 5 minutes is better than not exercising. Handing in homework with some wrong answers is better than getting a 0 for not handing anything in. Paying off some of your credit debt reduces the interest you'll accrue if you can't pay it all off. Making a honey sandwich for breakfast is better than not eating. The list goes on and on. If you can't do it right, half-ass it instead. It's better than doing nothing! And sometimes you might look back and realize you accomplished more than you thought you could.

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Productivity LPT Request: How do I stop scrolling my phone? Literally nothing I’ve tried works


I’ve been trying to reduce my screen time for a while now but literally NOTHING I do works. It’s impacting my productivity, mental health, and overall quality of life.

I know our phones have been made intentionally addictive, but there must be some ways that we can fight back. What has worked for people?

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Productivity LPT Request: Morning Routines? How do you get out of bed FAST?


I'm stuck in a rut. Alarm goes off, I hit snooze...again and again. I want to be one of those people who leap out of bed at the first ring.

Any of you manage to do that? If so, how? Any advice would be awesome!

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Productivity LPT: When starting a new hobby or pursuit, resist the urge to invest in the "good" gear or supplies. Get by with what you have, borrow, or get relatively cheap, even if it makes you look like a noob or less serious. Reward yourself with something nice for every level you improve.


I know, for many hobbies buying stuff for it is a lot of the fun, but save yourself money, storage space, and regrets by pacing yourself.

This also give you incentive not to just blow all your enthusiasm out right in the beginning so you lose interest before you get good enough for it become a longterm interest.

EDIT: Just to add, I say "relatively cheap" deliberately. Don't necessarily go for complete crap, just don't shoot the moon right away.

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Productivity LPT Request: What's one small change you made in the past that had a surprisingly big impact on your life?


After developing a horrible habit of checking my phone as soon as i opened my eyes in the morning, I switched to a physical, analog alarm clock and it made all the difference. Especially since i moved it far from my bed so i have to get up to turn it off. How about you guys?

Edit: Just checked my account today and wow! Thanks for the upvotes and ideas guys!

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Productivity LPT Request: What is a healthy way to express anger?


I need some tips on how to let out my frustrations in a calm and mature manner

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Productivity LPT Request-What is something you learned too late in life and wish you knew earlier?


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Productivity LPT What skill or advice would you give a 28 year old to look into, so he doesnt regret life at 40-45?


Hey how are you. So I hope you guys can help a young man going thru his midlife crisis early in life. Thats one thing I think im doing right, is panic-king....... I dont want to make this long, but I know there are people out there who had made decisions 10 years ago that they are glad that they made, OR, there are people out there who had outlooks and focuses in there life that they have possessed due to whatever reason, could be family or schooling, or simply knowledge needed. You are sitting on a bed of feathers that you made...by building it one feather at a time. Congrats. Now help me out.

I have this dread feeling of missing on something that i should really be worried about not doing. if I am conditioned in a certain way, how will I be smart enough to know to look the other direction? I may be stupid. i feel like there is some force that people with affluence have, that is now accessible to me as a commoner that i need to make sure I pay attention to inorder to build a bedrock. I went to school, im mildly smart, and i have aspirations that i want to work towards. However, there are things in my life that Im not doing well that i acknowledge and want to work on. One thing is money.

i spent the past few years focusing on being a better artist. I have friends who are 6 figures earners who respect my bravery to pursue art, since they arent talented in that area.So my question is this, what advice would you give me at 28(young adult), that you highly consider being looked at? It could be a financial skill worth investing in, or another skill. Whats something majority people overlook as they walk thru adult hood in the Western world? Im all ears and no stupid answers.

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Productivity LPT: what are some free skills to learn during free time that will help you find better opportunities for job?


It seems like nowadays people are really into technology and I was wondering if there are free resources that we can learn from to build a new skill. To get better opportunities for a job or advance in your career path.

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Productivity LPT: What toxic habits have you stopped doing that changed your life?


I'm currently working on eliminating toxic habits from my life. I've already identified a few, such as procrastination, limiting time on social media, not drinking enough water, and not getting enough sleep. However, there might be other toxic habits/tasks that I haven't yet recognized. I would greatly appreciate your insights and recommendations.

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Productivity LPT for going to the gym. If you only have is 20% and you give 20% than you gave it your all. This helped me stick to my routine.


If you’re feeling run down and tired and you feel like you’ll be wasting your time at the gym. Go anyway! Even if you just workout for 15 minutes.

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Productivity LPT Request-Any *legal* alternatives to caffeine to help me stay awake more? I have tried caffeine in many ways and forms but it just doesnt help me stay awake


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Productivity LPT Request: What is something people should have in their car?


Like tools, tissues, screwdrivers, etc. What do you guys personally put in your car

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Productivity LPT: if you’re relatively young and the type of person who lives on stress, multi-tasking, and thrives under pressure, ease up on yourself even if you feel like you’re fine and can cope.


When you’re younger you might feel like constant stress is manageable, but as you get older that can catch up to you in unexpected ways. Like anxiety issues or physiological problems like inflammation. Once that damage is done it’s really hard to undo.

Edit: It has helped me personally to read these comments and know there are other people going through the same thing as I am. I’m sure it’s helped so many other people to read these comments, too. Good luck to everyone who has had a rude awakening to what chronic stress does long term and those who are in recovery. 💜 Thank you.

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Productivity LPT: Print a QR code of your wifi information so guests can simply use their camera to join your wifi network.


Your device should be able to generate one for you. If not, there are countless QR sites and apps that can do it.

Simply print your GUEST WIFI info, stick on fridge, done!

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Productivity LPT: If you have issues with executive function and housekeeping, put shoes on before you start cleaning.


I have ADHD and always have a difficult time starting to clean my apartment. My friend (also ADHD) told me to put shoes on when I want to clean and IT WORKS. Put on some sneakers and your mind knows you’re on the move and you just keep going! I have shared this with other friends and it has had the same results for them.

Edit - I use clean indoor shoes! I never wear shoes inside otherwise lol