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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ How my under $25 Thanksgiving meal turned out! Surprisingly not bad at all….

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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ $28 of organic half and half for $2. I’m gonna freeze some!

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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ We have sent the same card for nearly 20 years


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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ Hey frugalites remember that pot I thought was ruined? I can't believe what barkeepers friend was able to do!

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Had to order online and it took so long...I tried so many other tips but three passes with this stuff and the pot is like new. I can't even believe it!

Here's what it looked like before https://www.reddit.com/r/Frugal/comments/yxvcam/hey_frugalites_is_my_pot_ruined_or_does_anyone/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ You won’t believe me, but this toilet paper even though single ply lasts longer than a 4 pack 2 ply.

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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ When I was broke I could only afford clothing from thrift stores. Now that I make alright money I STILL can't justify not shopping at thrift stores


Exceptions are for gifts, underwear, coats, shoes (depending on the shoe), or clothing that has an *extreme discount (usually on a clearance rack in an off season)*

When I was first living out on my own I couldn't afford new new clothing. The new clothes I got were gifted or using a gift card to get them. I realized the other day that now that I'm making alright money (a little over $20/h compared to the little under $9/h i was making when I first moved out of my parents') I'm STILL going to thrift shops when I need some "new" work clothes

At any thrift store I've been to you can always find clothes that still look new, or clothes that might even still have the original tags on them. Sweaters, tshirts, blouses, shorts, dresses, trousers, and jeans. Jeans are probably my favorite thing to find when thrifting because jeans are stupid expensive when new. $30, $40, $50 for new jeans? Jesus. Probably worth it because they do last a long time but when I know i can find a pair of jeans for under $10 at a thrift shop i can't justify paying over $20 for them at a department store

Just the other day at a couple different shops i got two "new" pairs of jeans and new work shirt and sweater for under $20. You can't find prices like that at other stores, or if you do it's through hunting through clearance racks and getting coupons. I remember once at some thrift shop i saw like 8 pairs of trousers that still had the original tags on them, BRAND NEW, probably for $5/piece, sadly they weren't my size so i couldn't get them. You could save even more money by learning how to do simple tailoring if you find something that's too big or small

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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ My net worth is finally positive!

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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ frugal win of the day: my plastic litter scoop broke, so i wanted to buy a new metal one, but they were all 15-25$. pet products are so overpriced. so i remember i have a skimmer ladle for the kitchen perfect for this purpose! only cost 5$, very durable, and works great to filter cat litter!

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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ Frugal living: Moving into a school converted into apartments! 600/month, all utilities included


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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ Social media is full of elaborate, costly van life builds. Anyone in a van may be frugal, but I'm too frugal to build mine like that, focusing on the FUNCTIONALITY of it rather than the looks... you know what? It's basic, but it's been perfectly awesome for six years now. Frugality for the win!

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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ Lentil Chili for 69 cents per serving! Breakdown in comments

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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ Goodbye Prime


My Prime membership renews in January and the cost is going up from $119 to $139. It does not seem like much but money is money.
I just made a quick spreadsheet and put in all of my Subscribe and save items and their cost. Did a little comparison on Walmart and found equivalent items for the same or cheaper. The stuff I can’t pick up in store can be bundled to take advantage of the free shipping on orders of $35 or more.

$140 a year does not seem like much but I just diverted the $12/month into our automatic savings account. Saving that money (with interest). instead of spending it feels like a win to me.

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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ I’m an avid reader and have saved over $8k using the library this year

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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ Thank God for Taco Bell


Taco Bell is the only place that you can still find sustaining food for under $5.

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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ Don't forget to check the stickers

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The store honored the price. Happy Holidays! Ended up being 2.5kg

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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ Don’t sleep on thrift stores for flatware..

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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ Magical Chickens! I have three young children who waste food. If you have cared for a child, you know this. We got chickens who give us wonderful, delicious eggs, and they get all of the leftover food from all meals throughout the day. It's so fun watching them pick up spaghetti like a worm.


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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ Denny's has ushered in the era of the wearable coupon

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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ Frugal Living Update: All Moved In With Space To Spare! (500 SQFT Schoolhouse Apartment, $600/Mo All In)


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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ The food pantry at my uni started giving out passes to the student meal center. They let me take this home!!!!

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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ Proud to be able to get my daughter a gift for Xmas


This year was terrible for my family this year. My wife and I had twin girls last year and we already have a 6 year old girl as well. Hard times fell on us and we were forced to move from our apartment in January. Luckily we were able to move in with my wifes parents and we are able to stay afloat paying our fair share of everything. Due to health problems I have, my wife works and I stay home with the twins and take care of them. I was worried I wouldn't be able to have any gifts for Christmas this year from us to my 6 year old daughter due to us just getting by. I started doing things online to earn a dollar here or there. Mostly surveys. Im proud to say I was able to earn enough to buy my daughter this stuffed unicorn we saw online. She loves Unicorns! It has 4 baby unicorns in its belly too. I ordered it last night and it made me cry because we have never not gotten her something. I am so proud and I just wanted to share (and maybe vent) with people because there is always hope. Hope and love and determination drove me. I hope it can help someone else. Happy Holidays everyone!

edit: spelling errors

edit 2 - I really did not expect this to blow up the way it has. I thank everyone who has replied and it has shown me the true spirit that we as people still show towards one another and that is special. To everyone who has PM'd me or asked here in the comments, I apologize but I can not in good conscience accept any gifts or money for my little girls. As I replied to one amazing individual we have a roof over our heads. We have food in our bellies. We are warm. We have clothing. We have one another and honestly, that's what matters. This holiday season is about love and caring and this post has shown me that this is something that is alive, well and thriving. Thank you for that. THAT is the best gift anyone could give.

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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ $6.00 fed my family of 4 - Asian baby back ribs ($5.50), Stir fried cabbage (free, given to me), rice (~$.050) - recipe links in comments. I keep a well stocked seasoning pantry to give my frugal meals an elegant flair.

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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ Was able to make Christmas gifts this year.

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Had some wood lying around, and found some on free sites. Used glue/clamps/screws to put them together. The rest was sanding, spray paint, tape, and a few add ons.

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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ Didn't want to waste money on a new bookmark when I accidentally turned in a library book with my old one in it. So I got creative with an old phone case and my favorite PokΓ©mon card

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Frugal Win πŸŽ‰ We seemed to be out of lotion, but instead of buying a new one i cut the top open and used a bag clip to keep it shut. So much lotion was still in the tube!

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